'The Chosen Ones' is an original play written and directed by founder, Austin Parker. The show combines comedy and heart with a message about accepting yourself for who you are. It was born in the Black Box Theater of Grapevine High School. During its original preview on May 14th, 2018 'The Chosen Ones' sold out tickets to both of its showings for a total of 120 attendees.

Despite being relatively successful, Austin and Zoe Rico-Beaubien, Artistic Director, recognized the shortcomings and knew it could be so much more. So, just two weeks later, the two began contacting local theaters to put on a second production. And, despite many disheartening responses, in mid-June they were able to secure a production meeting with the Palace Theater. The historic Palace Theater was a vintage movie theater located on the historic Main Street of Grapevine, TX. That morning,  Austin and Zoe joined forces with Taylor Schult (Technical director)  to convince a professional theater to host a show about a wizard and Jedi teaming up to save the world.  After meeting with the Event Coordinator they signed a contract, put down a deposit (quickly doing odd jobs and fundraisers to raise the money) and committed to the production date. Over the course of 4 weeks they would spend every day in a rehearsal, trying to find funding, designing costumes, re-imagining the set and doing everything possible to make the show happen.

A shoestring budget allowed them to work within the theater for only 8 hours.

Tech rehearsal. Run time. Dress Rehearsal and Opening Night. In one Day.

On July 25th, the show premiered to $5,000 in ticket sales, 10x it's original show budget, making history for a 100% student run production. Costumes, set, lighting, sounds, funding, to the story itself was created by a cast and crew ages 15-18. 

And now we're here. Those same kids telling new stories.

We are Chosen Productions.


© 2018 CHOSEN PRODUCTIONS. All rights reserved. Photos by Rainey Jackson and Chosen Ones Media.
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